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Welcome to the playground.

A place where career, skills and academy are perfectly connected to ensure you achieve your goals.

Career Pathways

The era of hybrid and flexible work has opened-up a new kind of career path, one where the climb is not necessarily to the top. AI delivers for self starters a new freedom to move around and piece their best career together


Show me how AI pieces together 
best careers

Playground works like Jira and DevOps so its familiar and easy for tech roles to use.


The days of skills being disconnected from career are over. AI breakthroughs the career skills divide and connects skills with career, enabling self starters to understand and prioritize the skills needed to achieve their career goals

Show me how AI develops skills to achieve career goals

Reach for success in your current role

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The end of the days where the LMS doesn’t really “teach anyone anything.” AI has opened-up a new way to browse content, find experts, take a course and really “learn” something significant and new perfectly aligned with skill priorities.

Josh Bersin

Show me how AI finds something significant and new to learn

Kanban style boards visualize what's most important which means you develop faster. 

Connector Managers

Connector managers triple the likelihood that their direct reports are high performers, and drive employee engagement by up to 40%. Connector Managers are defined by their ability to personalize employee development for employee resonance, power the team for peer development and partner for best-fit connections.

Listen to the Connector Manager Podcast

Reach for success in your current role

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Playground and ai are changing the face of development for talented self-starters.

Playground was developed for employees not climbing ladders anymore.

A place where best careers are pieced together

A place where skills are developed to achieve career goals

A place where significant and new things are learnt

A place where Machine Learning Engineers become Data Scientists

A place where Data Analysts become Machine Learning Engineers

A place where Developers become AI Engineers

For self-starters who want the freedom to piece together their own careers.

Reach for success in your current role

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