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Welcome to the  career playground.

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A career playground for employees not climbing ladders anymore

It's not a Career Ladder, It's a Career Playground

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WorkLab delves into the latest science and the most innovative thinking on how and where and why people work—and how leaders can guide the workplace into the future. 

Squiggly Careers

Meet Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis the amazing leaders of the  Squiggly Careers movement. Learn more about Squiggly Careers at 

A playground powered by AI where career dreams, career pivots or, progressions to the next move are imagened and planned with help from mentors and coaches.

There's now an App for this

An App that lets employees piece together their best careers

The future of career

The future of career is not always being about getting to the top.

We want to advance the shift from the career ladder to the career plaground. 

 "It's not a Career Ladder, It's a Career Playground." 

We are inspired by the capability of AI to deliver personalized access to the world's largest dataset of roles, skills and academy of expert resources, coaches and mentors to build dream careers.

The playground


"Think of career as a playground. Choose a starting point, somewhere that interests you, and explore. Move laterally along the monkey bars, slip down the slide, swing up to reach new heights, or all of the above." 


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